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Doing Things the Monkey Business Way.

The Monkey Business way means always inventing and reinventing, again and again. Tinkering, refining, tinkering and refining again is deep in our DNA. We are always looking for a better way to create simple mechanisms that lead to better, safer play that delivers action way beyond children's' expectations. From the simple start of it all, the little Spiderball that had soft rubbery legs added to a simple foam ball that act both as brakes and a second chance for an otherwise missed catch, or the patented center forward pull arrows and rockets,  to the Aqua Battle line of hand to hand drenching toys, all brilliant in their simplistic elegance in design.  For over 20 years running, Monkey Business Sports has consistently introduced launched new products and ideas at the New York Toy Fair each February with their an ever growing line of toys that always encourages kids to safely Get Out & Play.