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Shhhhh. It's not that private. But we will keep a secret.


Monkey Business Sports is operated by Cal-Side USA, Ltd. References to Monkey Business Sports refer to Cal-Side USA, Ltd. (d/b/a Monkey Business Sports), our affiliates, subsidiaries, or designees as we deem appropriate.

This document collects several legal notices and informational statements in addition to our Terms of Use and Other Legal Notices. Please read and carefully review these notices and those other two documents.

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Comments or questions about these notices or any other policies of Monkey Business Sports may be emailed to legal @

We appreciate your trust in doing business with Monkey Business Sports, and please rest assured that we diligently protect the personally identifiable information you provide us through our web site. By using the Monkey Business Sports web site, you unconditionally accept all of the following terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If you do not wish to accept or abide by these terms, please do not use our web site.

We at Monkey Business Sports are strong advocates of privacy, especially in terms of computer and Internet privacy. At the same time, we need to collect and store at least some minimal amount of information about you in order to complete sales transactions with you, and certain other types of information will help us create a vibrant, creative web site (and eventually, a community for our fans and vendors). We strive to ensure we collect only the information we need from you and protect that information from misuse after we collect it.

We are a vibrant, active, creative company that thrives on challenges and change. These Privacy Policies may change to reflect and adhere to corresponding changes in our overall business strategies and practices. We strive to keep our customers and vendors informed of changes at Monkey Business Sports, and we may email you whenever we change these Privacy Policies, but you also should regularly check our web site to see any recent changes.

We will do our best to respond to any questions or comments about our Privacy Policies.

The Information We Gather

The information that we gather from you - our customers, vendors, and visitors - generally falls into three different categories:

1. Information We Obtain via Your Web Browser. Like many other companies, we use browser "cookies" to obtain certain types of information whenever you visit our web site. Cookies are strings of letters and numbers that provide unique identifiers and small bits of data. Our web site transfers these cookies to the hard drive of your computer through your Web browser. Collecting this information allows our own computer systems to recognize what type of Web browser you are using and certain attributes about your computer in order to display our web site pages correctly on your computer and accomplish certain tasks, such as personalized greetings or information and maintaining items in your shopping cart if your Web browser inadvertently closes. This information also helps us tailor our web site, respond to changing consumer demands, and run our business more efficiently (thus keeping the costs of our products low).

However, you can block our cookies from reaching your browser and still view and shop on our web site. Most web browsers allow you to block cookies or accept only the cookies you want. If you don't know how to set your browser to block cookies, check the Help menu for more information.

Additionally, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides some excellent information about maintaining your privacy while surfing the Web. The FTC's guide can be found at:


2. Information You Provide to Us. We also receive and store all the information you provide through our web site whenever you complete an order while shopping, give us feedback, fill out a survey, or participate in our forums. For example, we may collect your full name, mailing address, credit card number, telephone number, email address. You do not have to provide any information to use our web site, but certain features will be limited if you do not do so. For example, we can't ship products you order until we have a mailing address, and if you do not provide an email address where we can reach you, we won't be able to keep you updated on your order status.

3. Information We Get From Someone Else. From time to time we may obtain information from other sources and compare it to, or include it with, information we gather from you or that you provide. For example, we might obtain credit information about you if you apply to be an affiliated vendor of our products. Or we may obtain generalized search and marketing information from Internet research companies and compare it against a pool of information we obtain from our customers.

The Information We Share

We will sell or share information about our customers in only very limited cases. Most of the time, we need to share customer information with affiliates, contractors, or business partners in order to maintain and operate our web site. Sometimes, we will sell this information at a small fee to cover our administrative costs in sending it to another person or company. However, we will partner with only those business that employ controls and business methods designed to protect information about our customers that are at least as strong and sound as our own. We will not send customer information to anyone who does not agree to at least follow the same standards described in these Privacy Policies.

Other businesses receiving our customer information could include:

1. Affiliated Vendors and Business Partners. We work with a number of "brick and mortar" toy stores, product design firms, and private inventors. Occasionally, we also partner with entertainment companies or other toy or game companies to create and manufacture unique, new products. In some cases, we provide services on behalf of these businesses. For example, we might host a survey or discussion forum on our web site about new toys that our customers would like to see. In other cases, we support the independent efforts of those businesses, which means we have little (if any) control over how they operate. For example, our affiliated vendors set their own business hours, carry out their own marketing and advertising campaigns, and run their own web sites. We might choose to support affiliated vendors by providing lists of customers in their geographic areas or a summary of products that customers seem likely to buy in groups. And occasionally, we may send you information about or promotional offers from vendors in your local area.

2. Businesses that Help Us Operate. We also partner or contract with people and companies that support our own business operations, such as marketing professionals, web site developers, shipping experts, and business consultants. They help us run Monkey Business Sports (our offices, manufacturing facilities, and this web site) as efficiently as possible by analyzing the information we collect, advising us on how to improve our operations, refining and structuring our customer and vendor lists, and improving our Internet presence at search sites and directories. We will provide them whatever information they need to do their jobs on our behalf - including the customer information we collect - but they are not allowed to use that information for other purposes.

3. Special Promotions. We sometimes work with select businesses on coordinating promotions for similar products. For example, we might work with a movie studio developing a movie aimed at children by creating or modifying some of our own products that tie-in with that movie. We might then share our customer information with that movie studio for their own promotional efforts.

4. Company Operations. Monkey Business Sports is a growing and thriving company, and we continue to develop new product lines, strategic plans, and business opportunities. We may buy or license products others have developed, we may spin-off product lines into new business entities, and there is always the chance that the entire company may be sold to another corporation. Customer information usually is one of the "business assets" subject to transfer in a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or other business arrangement. However, the customer information transferred by any of these means will continue to be protected by the standards set out in these Privacy Policies.

5. Legal Compliance. We will release customer information if doing so is necessary or appropriate to protect the rights, safety, property, or other legal interests of Monkey Business Sports (or Cal-Side USA, Ltd.), our officers and employees, our affiliated vendors, or others. For example, we may release customer information to government agencies, non-profit organizations, or other companies as part of efforts to investigate allegations of computer fraud or hacking. Additionally, we will release customer information whenever compelled to do so by subpoena or court order.

6. Unforeseen Instances. In the future, we might initiate (or stumble upon) a new business opportunity that we didn't predict or foresee when creating these Privacy Policies. At such time, you will receive a notification from us if information about you might be transferred to someone else, and you will be given the opportunity to remove your own personal customer information from such a transfer.

The Information Is Secure

We work very hard to ensure that the information you provide or that we gather from you is kept safe and secure. Some of the efforts we make include:

Displaying only the last four digits of your credit or debit card number on your computer screen during the ordering process and on the order forms after you complete your purchase. We have to transmit your entire credit or debit card number to the relevant credit card company in order to fully process your payment, but we will avoid displaying or recording your full credit card number whenever possible.

Protecting your account name and password from unauthorized use. We take steps to ensure all account information is protected, such as encrypting any passwords stored on our servers. Please review our Account Guidelines for more information on keeping your account information secure, particularly if you use a public or shared computer.

Transmitting personal or account information in encrypted form using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. Most web browsers use an icon to indicate when SSL encryption is active, such as a small padlock somewhere in the browser window (check your Help menu for more information). While no encryption is perfectly, absolutely safe 100% of the time, SSL provides very strong encryption that protects information transmitted between your computer and our web site servers.

Children Visiting Our Web site

Our mission is to provide toys, games, and other products that provide real fun for real kids. However, we fully support laws and government regulations designed to protect children from exploitive business practices. Therefore, we implement the following policies for children accessing our web site:

Children under the age of 13 must have permission from a parent or guardian before accessing any part of our web site. We want kids to enjoy our products, but our more important concern is that adults have some supervision over children's browsing habits on the Internet. The permission from a parent or guardian must be confirmed by completing a short form and supplying some proof of identity, such as a credit card number.

Children aged 13-17 can freely access any part of our web site, but are not allowed to order products through our web site. Only adults age 18 or older can order products directly from us. In certain instances, children aged 13-17 may be referred to a vendor in their local area where products are available.

Links and Advertisers

Our web site may include links to other companies (such as our affiliate vendors and business partners) or certain advertisers that our customers may be interested in. Except as described in these Privacy Policies, we do not send any personally identifiable information about our customers to any other person or company.

We sometimes participate in advertising or marketing programs with third-party web sites or Internet advertising companies. The companies sometimes use their own technologies to direct specific advertisements from our web site to your browser that are tailored to your Internet browsing habits. In such cases, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer may be retrieved, cookies may be transferred through your browser to your hard drive, and other actions may be taken to personalize their advertising to you. We cannot control any of these features that these advertising companies may use. The business practices of these advertising companies are not controlled by our own Privacy Policies, and you will need to contact them directly to learn about their own privacy practices.

Your Options as a Customer

You can choose not to provide information about yourself at any time you wish, but keep in mind that withholding information may complicate order processing or even prevent you from ordering products through our web site, and you may not be able to use certain features of our web site.

Some Important Legal Information

Changes to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use may be revised at any time by updating this posting. These Terms of Use are binding upon you, so please visit this page occasionally to review the current Terms of Use.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction. These Terms of Use supersede any other agreement between you and either Monkey Business Sports or Cal-Side USA, Ltd., to the extent necessary to resolve any inconsistency or ambiguity among all the agreements. These Terms of Use will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. Any action seeking any relief (at law or in equity) arising out of or relating to our web site will be brought only in a state or federal court located in the State of Oregon.

Residents of California

Pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, California residents having an established business relationship with Monkey Business Sports may request certain information from us, including the types of personal information that we share with third parties for direct marketing purposes and the identities of those third parties with whom we have shared such information during the immediately preceding calendar year. To comply with this law, we have prepared an information disclosure statement that California residents may request by contacting our legal department.

European Union Safe Harbor

Monkey Business Sports is applying to be a participant in the "Safe Harbor" program jointly developed by the European Union and the U.S. Commerce Department. This Safe Harbor program allows companies to negotiate both U.S. and EU laws regarding privacy on the Internet. During our application efforts, we agree to adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, which you may view at:

You can contact Monkey Business Sports directly about our application to join the Safe Harbor program by sending an email message to legal @